Sound Masking

Sound masking is a reliable and cost-effective method of providing speech privacy and noise control. Our partner, LogiSon Acoustic Network, is a recognized industry leader with numerous awards for innovation, performance and ease of use.

With the LogiSon system, small zones, combined with fine volume and frequency adjustments, allow the masking sound to be customized for each facility. Networked control of settings and zones facilitates setup and takes the headaches out of making changes. Adjustments can be made in minutes, without opening the ceiling or altering cabling. Such a high degree of flexibility maximizes the masking’s effectiveness and occupant comfort. This technology is easy to retrofit, and also provides paging and music functions.

Clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Applications include commercial offices, call centers, healthcare facilities, banks, car dealerships, legal environments, libraries, schools, worship spaces, military facilities, and more.


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