Why NET100

Smooth and efficient installations
Whether it’s creating a comprehensive cabling design for your site or providing assistance with your network infrastructure plan, we treat every installation as a unique project. Working with NET100 ensures a clearly defined scope of work, a smooth and efficient installation process, and a competitively priced final product that successfully meets BICSI, IEEE and ANSI/TIA/EIA requirements, as well as NET100’s strict standards of quality.

Measured by quality
Our standards of quality are evident in our dedication to trained personnel. We have a comprehensive BICSI in-house training program and promote industry certifications within our organization. NET100 has a large number of BICSI registered installers, technicians, and RCDDs on staff.

Reinforcing our dedication to quality, NET100’s headquarters, and each of our branch office locations, houses a large stocking and staging facility. Our in-house inventory tracking system guarantees that the right materials and equipment are in place for your installation. Our large fleet of installation vehicles is equipped with the right tools for an on-time delivery and installation.

Tools and test equipment
We use the latest testing equipment and procedures to verify that each installation meets the ANSI/TIA/EIA and IEEE industry standards. Our array of specialized tools and testing equipment includes Fluke Networks DTX and DSP Series Level IIIe Testers for copper and fiber category compliance testing. In addition we utilize Fluke and Corning OTDRs, Fiber Splice Equipment by Corning and various other Outside Plant equipment.

Technical sophistication
We understand the differences between designing a data center, building out multiple systems in a healthcare facility, and the stringent requirements for a SCIF installation. Each market and each individual customer has its own nuances and needs specific to its applications. NET100 has the trained installers and project managers to handle just about any cabling environment.

NET100 means peace of mind
Working with general contractors, construction managers, IT consultants, architects, systems furniture vendors, AV contractors and customer representatives, we know that time is money, and jobs absolutely must stay on schedule. NET100 provides peace of mind that no matter what your business, our focus is centered on quality workmanship and a timely installation.

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