Passive Optical Networks

Passive Optical Networks help you keep up with increasing bandwidth demand  while offering far more reliability and security than traditional Ethernet LANs.

  • Reduce up-front capital costs by 30-70%
  • Shrink ongoing operational costs
  • Achieve high levels of security, reliability and availability
  • Tap into virtually unlimited bandwidth potential
  • Upgrade LANs through electronics instead of cable plant
  • Save on power consumption by as much as 80%
  • Lower space requirements up to 90%

NET100 will implement a Passive Optical Network solution that pays big dividends for your business:

  • Simplify enterprise network deployment, operation, and management
  • Repurpose reductions in floor, rack, and closet space toward revenue generating opportunities
  • Reduce technology refresh cycles
  • Experience long-term savings by future-proofing your network infrastructure
  • Meet tangible green goals and achieve higher LEED certification

Case Study: Deltek Achieves Better Economics with Tellabs Optical
LAN installed by NET100   [2:43 min]

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