DAS | In-Building Cellular

Your one source for wireless-cellular networking, NET100 teams with the industry’s leaders and local partners to deliver secure, reliable solutions that support mobility, collaboration and anywhere – anytime customer response.

  • Enterprise and Campus WiFi
  • In-Building Cellular; Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Wireless Video Surveillance
  • Point-to-Point and Multipoint Wireless

Your Full Service Wireless-Cellular Provider

  • Assess and test RF in building to address problem areas.
  • Advise on radio selection, component technology, and hardware compatibility.
  • Identify real and potential security issues.
  • Survey for optimal equipment placement, signal coverage and application performance.
  • Interconnect wireless access points to wired network.
  • Verify signal strength, coverage, and network connectivity.
  • Test for interference and signal fade.
  • Comply with applicable codes, standards, and industry best practices.
  • Provide labeling and documentation.
  • Troubleshoot, repair, and upgrade existing infrastructure to handle wireless capacity.

We Make Wireless-Cellular Networking Easy

Stay connected with NET100’s team of professionals.  We’ll ensure your wireless-cellular project is delivered on time, fully tested, and ready to go.

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